Saturday, 1 May 2010


Lawfulness Trustworthiness and Transparency

is the registered description of MPUKGB of which I am the Party Leader. It is also the values underpinning all aspects of party business, and the business of being an MP, lobbying in Parliament. Also in Great Yarmouth (GY) MP's surgeries and values needed for on the site campaigning for SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS for every GY resident. I would offer residents to evaluate the significant improvements I would have made underpinning all my work, using these values. Vital, immediately these values are applied through strong leadership, the economic recovery will be significant, as crime, fraud, waste, overlapping roles, and ill-conceived strategies and policies will be apparent and fund the recovery. Without immediately cutting back vital front

line services in GY.

GY voters have the opportunity to show your total support for these values, by voting for me as your GY MP. I use strong Matriarchal Leadership of the Party that celebrates the vast contribution that men and women make, by supporting



Use strength, courage, knowledge and lawfulness in my GY MP Leadership style and substance, such actions will be the role-model for Parliament elected, and Europe.

Prove GY voters have led a new generation of trust in their GY MP.

Protect national security and maintain cost-effectiveness weaponry (without vulnerability).

Ensure to strongly campaign to immediately remove our heroic forces from Afghanistan FULL STOP. And to stop teaching any potential enemies (how to be as heroic, able and disciplined) as our forces are the best, and for our security and defense. Invasions based on lies!

Analyse law, amend or construct new laws, and widely support our Constabulary and Crown Prosecution systems and to stop spiralling crime FULL STOP.

Urgently progress to stabilise climate change, working collaboratively globally, and supporting local research, to use cost-efficient green energy production, and reduction from local sources.

Ensure the acceleration of residents' comprehension of infinite, and finite vital resources and their conservation for (self-sufficiency, not reliance on potential enemies withholding resources from us).

Ensure green, open spaces, farming, food and animal protection, prevention of coastal erosion and flooding of Great Yarmouth homes.

Ensure transport and green energy vehicles, can use the most energy efficient routes. Ensure market stalls and farmers markets and local produce including those from new allotment community schemes, reducing energy and environmental costs of food travel. Improving food quality to maintain health, impacting positively on NHS costs reduction.

Ensure generation of industry/manufacturing and wide increased local employment for all GY residents.

Urgently stabilise critical economic decline and ensure significant recovery. Ensure significant economic growth and ensure that bankers have to pay interest on the government loans. Such vast interest, would be given back to every resident. The catastrophe is caused by the central and local governments' failing investors, and failing analysers with the impact of loss on all including low income families.

Ensure incentives, to bring back local jobs given to overseas workers (call centres in India via BT).

Ensure the reverse of:

Government systems failing to safeguard children and vulnerable adults; failing schools; failing maternity and NHS services; failing social services; failing constabulary services; and failing the elderly pensioners who have to sell their homes and enter a care home against their wishes despite contributions, long term to UKGB N Ireland’s resources.

Ensure University education is free, with employment prospects FULL STOP.

Ensure to strongly campaign for a referendum to remain or remove from the European Community. The European NHS is overwhelmed by fraud that is LACK OF LAWFULNESS, TRUSTWORTHINESS AND TRANSPARENCY. There is fraud in UKGB N Ireland NHS, STOP IT, FULL STOP.

Further lack of LAWFULNESS TRUSTWORTHINESS AND TRANSPARENCY (old parties) lack of values that GY voters aspire to and lack of strong Leadership by MP’s means that GY residents within the 3rd most overcrowded country in the world!

The Government and (old parties) have welcomed MP’s and the population in discussing immigration issues. I will strongly campaign as the GY MP to stop immigration, lawfully, in UKGB, N Ireland, FULL STOP.

I will ensure transparency and the accuracy of government’s statistics on all the above that have been concealed in different ways from the population.


Local and Parliamentary Candidate for the Magdalen Ward Great Yarmouth.